Aliens and Star Travelers

Completion date

February 2004

Running time

7 minutes 23 seconds


The memory of a UFO sighting leads to reconsidering the structure of the universe.


Aliens and Star Travelers examines corporate manipulation of middle American culture from a first person dream perspective of alternative belief systems.  It has at its core three concepts: First is that a mean streak lies just under the tranquil surface of middle America.  Second is that globalist corporate interests are using “family values” to manipulate middle America.  Third is that the aim of mainstream “family oriented” culture seems to be to ignore or deny the first two concepts, and to marginalize anyone who asks questions.  Because mankind doesn’t intuitively grasp that the universe is infinite and chaotic, we’re inclined to come up with “grand puppet-master” models of how the universe works.  If the model we’re being spoon-fed doesn’t add up, it seems reasonable to experiment with alternative models.  After all, why is belief in the existence of UFOs considered outlandish while the belief that someone rose from the dead to save us from our sins is not?