The ELAN Video Project 02

Completion date

July 2006

Running time

29 minutes 31 seconds


Image follows sound to explore new worlds of motion, color, and texture.


ELAN 02 is made up of 12 short movies which correspond to 12 songs from ELAN’s Volumetric album.  All 12 parts can be played in succession, or any of the 12 parts can be played individually.  Volumetric struck me as having a lot of contrast between rough, “analog” textures and smooth “digital” textures.  To symbolize this, I repeated varied images of vinyl LPs, analog noise (static), CDs, and digital noise (pixillation) as unifying images and textures throughout ELAN 02.  In making these movies, I used the songs as starting points and purposely remained ignorant of their titles during the entire creative process.  I sought to create movies based on my raw reactions to the songs, free from preconceptions I would have had from knowing their names.